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Students @NMREC

At NMREC, we are looking for students who are ready to learn and mould themselves to contribute for a better world tomorrow.

Life on Campus and Beyond……

Engineering student life is a busy one. Lectures and Labs require commitment, focus, and of course hardwork.
The amount of out-of-class study will depend on how much you are willing to work to achieve your academic goals. An engineering student also needs to know good time management in order to balance his/her academics and extra curricular activities.

The college has a slogan ‘ Complete Education – Complete Institution ‘

NMREC is JNTU champion in athletics. The college has beautiful grounds and courts of international standards and all possible facilities for those interested in games and sports.

Cultural and literary activities are a vital part of the student activities in the college. In view of their importance in shaping the student’s personality, extra curricular activities have been allotted time in the timetable itself.
Apart from teaching the curriculum in a unique way by introducing active classrooms, the college also provides various opportunities for those trying to improve their skills in various technical (for Ex. certification courses ) and non-technical aspects (for Ex. communications skills).

We at NMREC try to provide a complete education by providing all these opportunities. It is finally the student’s interest that takes him/her to higher levels using these opportunities as stepping stones.

Students grievances are addressed through a Students grievance redressal cell. The cell consists of members from all the departments.

Complaints regarding ragging are addressed by the Antiragging committee.

For details on students verification please send your queries to