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Humanities, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Sciences is bifurcated into Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Department of Mathematics and Physical sciences when the campus was shifted to its new premises in 2006. Right now the department offers English language and Environmental Sciences. The department comprises of eleven faculty members of which three Doctorates working as Associate Professors and the other seven members as Assistant Professors. All the teachers are highly experienced and well qualified. It has a well equipped English Language and Communication Skills Lab that is organized as two labs - a multimedia lab and a conventional lab. The multimedia lab helps the students improve their pronunciation, language accuracy, reading, writing and listening abilities of English. The conventional lab on the other hand creates an ambience congenial for speaking and provides a platform and opportunity to all the students to speak and develop their speaking skills.

As part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences the Department offers, apart from English for the I year students, English proficiency, communication and soft skills to the students of all the semesters in phases in consideration with the levels of proficiency. In view of the imminent on campus and off campus recruitments by reputed Multi-national and national companies, the department has extended its services towards providing training for the placements. Consequently, a number of B.Tech and MCA students have secured jobs in various organizations.

In the month of June 2006, Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences was established, comprising of 6 Faculty members of Mathematics and 2 of Physics. Present strength of faculty is 14 members.

At the inception of the college in 2001, faculty members comprising of 2 Mathematics teachers and 1 Physics teacher were under the Humanities and Sciences Department along with 1 member from English.