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Department of Mechanical Engineering: Publications

  • The following papers have been presented at the National Welding Seminar held by the Bangalore Chapter of Indian  Institute of Welding.
    • Friction Stir Welding Of Aluminium Alloy AA 5083, Electrolitic Copper And Their Combination by Dr.D.Mohandas
    • A Comparative Evaluation of Gas Tungsten Arc Welds and Friction Seam Welds of an Aluminium Alloy by Dr. T. Mohandas
    • Friction Surfacing of Aluminium over mild steel by Dr.T.Mohandas
  • The paper titled "Optimisation of turning parameters for surface roughness using Taguchi Method", by V.Pallavi, Anoop Kumar, and Dr.T.Mohandas is
    Published in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mr Anoop Kumar (Associate Professor), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,
    • presented a paper on Refinement of grain size for improving formability at International conference on Nanotechnology at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology during 4-7 Jan 2012.
    • presented papers on (a) Alpha Beta Processing of Titanium alloy and (b) Optimization of blank size for better formability in deep drawing at International conference at Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology during 8-10 March 2012.