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B.Tech: Mechanical Engineering (Accredited by NBA)

Mechanical engineering is a core branch of engineering. It provides an opportunity for the student for exposure in the areas of mechanics that is an applied physics, hydraulics, basics in electrical engineering, automobiles, heat transfer, power plant engineering, design and fabrication mechanical systems, conventional and advanced manufacturing(Computer aided design and machining), material science, metal working and forming, metal fabrication robotics, newer  and renewable energy sources, nano-technology etc. In brief there is hardly any area of engineering that does not require expertise of mechanical engineer.

The knowledge gained through an exposure to wide spectrum of areas enumerated above provides plenty of opportunities for the graduates in mechanical engineering in areas such as Atomic energy, Space, Defence  and Heavy industry, power sector, ONGC, design and manufacture of mechanical systems as well as in IT sector based on their knowledge in computer .

In, addition the student can enhance their academic credentials by pursuing M.Tech., M.S and Ph.D to take up careers in teaching and research.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering started at NMREC with an intake of 60 students. The intake for the course has been increased to 120 in 2011 owing to the increasing demand for the branch.

Department of Mechanical Engineering