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MCA Lab Facilities

The department has its own Computer center with IBM X3400 Server 7975-ABA, 70 Pentium IV 2.66 GHz Dual Core Processor Machines arranged in the lab all connected with UPS with 15 minutes backup. All different software that is needed for the course was loaded in the systems.
Hardware items such as HP Laser Jet Printer, CD/DVD writer are available.12 U Rack, -Link 24 Port Switch etc.

1.       I - MCA (I-Sem),   Computer Organization Lab
2.       I - MCA (I-Sem),   C++ programming Lab
3.       I - MCA (II-Sem),   Data Structures Through Java Lab
4.       I - MCA (II-Sem),   Business Data Processing Through COBOL
5.       II - MCA (I-Sem),   DBMS Lab (SQL, PL SQL, Reports)
6.       II - MCA (I-Sem),   Unix Programming Lab
7.       II - MCA (II-Sem),   Advanced Java Programming Lab
8.       II - MCA (II-Sem),   Computer Communications Lab
9.       III - MCA (I-Sem),   Web Technologies Lab
10.    III - MCA (II-Sem),   Dissertation / Thesis