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Department of Computer Applications

Sensing the need of the hour the Department of Computer Applications has been started in the year 2005 with an intake of 60, under the affiliation of JNTU. Since its inception the Department is carrying out various activities to impart right Attitude (A), Skills (S) and Knowledge (K) and to provide qualitative Computer education which is suitable to the Industry. Over the years, the management, Principal, Head and Faculty members have been continuously contributing their might to enrich the department through their invaluable inputs. This fruitful journey has helped the student to develop all-round.

Highly experienced and dedicated faculty members with minimum M.Tech / MCA qualification impart quality training to students to acquire A-S-K which the software industry expects from the students. The department has a Professor, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors with required qualifications and rich experience.

Student’s attendance and progress is monitored regularly and is intimated along with their academic performance to their parents every week. Students would be motivated for developing soft skills by giving seminars, paper presentations etc.Technically competent and highly skilled software engineers are produced in this process. Some of our students were placed in the software industry in their IV semester itself.

The faculty of Computer Applications also participate actively in a number of activities other than teaching and research, such as arranging remedial classes, mentoring sessions, guest lectures, seminars etc., The faculty members also maintain close rapport with the Industry. There is continuous evaluation and training to the faculty for improving their skills in the department. Faculty attend conferences, workshops and seminars for enriching their subject to impart the same to the students.