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Facilities : Library

Library is not simply a collection of books. It is the repository of knowledge stored in books and other sources of information. Indeed it is the heart of an academic institution.

Library is also the access point for documents, artwork, CDs, DVDs, Project reports, and books related to the Science and Technology, Management.

The Library at our College is well equipped which enjoys all the facilities mentioned above. The ambience in the library is congenial to cater to the needs of all readers, students, researchers and faculty.

The library subscribes to over 25 National, and International journals, 29 Magazines, besides having a separate newspapers section providing atleast 30 Newspapers daily. IEEE Digital Library Subscription is also provided to all the students and staff.

Digital Library with 30 systems is also available with printing facility.

The library management software being used in the library has been developed by NMREC students.