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Legal Awareness Program


A Legal Awareness Program was conducted at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College by the IInd Metropolitan Magistrate of the Rangareddy District Court. 
The major session was done by the Hon'ble Judge Sri D.Durga Prasad garu who made the event a thorough one. It was his interaction with the students and the way he presented the information about legal aspects which were the most interesting. 

Most of the legal aspects that a common man comes across were spoken about in a subtle and humerous tone with a stress on the responsibility that lies on them as citizens of the nation. Some of the students were given away books on Indian Law by the Hon'ble Chief Guest who also appreciated the dress code followed by the college.

Advocates Mr.Subhash Chandrabose, Mr.Narayana Reddy, Mrs.Rani, Mrs Laxmi, Mrs.T.V.S.Laxmi, and the SI of Medipally PS gave an insight into various aspects including cyber law, nirbhaya act, corruption, dowries, elections, and some of the important laws that students could come across in their regular life. Mrs.Rani advised the girls to learn self defense skills like karate to protect themselves. 
The session was attended by the students and staff of Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College.Overall the Students have undergone a very interesting and essential session on the basic legal aspects.