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ISTE Faculty Chapter at NMREC

ISTE faculty chapter of NMREC was inaugurated by Prof.V Rama Rao, Hon. Secretary, ISTE, Andhra Pradesh section on 6th April 2013. He gave an insight into the advantages and benefits to the members of ISTE which helps to improve the technical education of faculty community. He explained elaborately the functions and activities of ISTE. On his part he congratulated and welcomed the faculty members who have enrolled as life members of ISTE.
Principal of Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, Dr.Divya Nalla , extorted faculty members to become active members of such technical societies which provides opportunity for continuing technical education.
Dr.C.M.Varaprasad, Director, Research Center, NMREC, explained the importance of becoming a professional body member, and benefits of the membership and chapter, and encouraged faculties to work for higher individual goals during the induction training for teachers.

Dr.G Uma, Director, CFDM, NMREC congratulated all the faculty members for taking ISTE life memberships, and instructed to use this chapter for research, publishing papers, project works, and guest lectures etc