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Research Center:

Industry Institute Research Meet (IIRM)

NMREC organizes 5th Industry Institute Research Meet on 13th December 2014.

Dr.Divya Nalla Principal NMREC welcoming the chief guest, dignitaries, faculty and the students on this august occasion, she said our motto is to provide quality technical education for National development. In this pursuit we have computer science, electronics and telecommunications, electrical and electronics, information technology, mechanical and civil engineering streams. While MTech programs are conducted in the field of computer networks & information security, VLSI systems Design, CAD/CAM, and Electrical power engineering and Master of Business Administration.

Keeping in view the over all development of the student, we have introduced professional development programs, initiated steps to upgrade English speaking skills and motivating students to do in-house projects. We have strength of qualified faculty from reputed National universities, putting their might in converting raw diamonds into shining diamonds.

In producing quality engineers for Nation building, there is a gap between what skills and competency the Industry requires? & what the technical institutions are providing? To bridge the gap between the industry requirement and the institution, all the industry dignitaries are requested to express their opinion and give suggestions for bringing out fruitful changes in the engineering education.

Shri Nalla Malla Reddy, Secretary, Nalla Malla Reddy Educational Society, speaking on the occasion said, one should cultivate technological and scientific temperament in them by participating in industry and institute research meets. Conducive atmosphere is required for scientists, faculty, college and students for making it successful. He said, pathetic situation is prevailing in the country as the technical institutes are producing substandard engineers. Many engineering colleges have flourished which are making profits without meeting any requisite facilities in the labs.

This year we are starting a research center for all the departments. This will help in preserving and carrying out new research works. As the Government wants institute and industry interaction for understanding the industry requirements, we have introduced institute and industry Centre. Finally he said, anything created should be for the purpose of serving the society at the cheapest rate.

Dr.VaraPrasad, Director, Research Centre NMREC, has introduced the chief guest of the day. He expressed his anguish that, out of 2.5 lac of engineering graduates, only, 10% of them are found employable. On one side industry complains of non-availability of quality and efficient engineers and on the other side graduates complain of poor quality of engineering education. NMREC is well known for discipline. It has a Centre for faculty development for training faculty and a quality assurance cell for assuring quality of education.

Shri VenuGopalan, Former Director, DRDL, Chief Guest of the day speaking on the occasion said, some of the technical institutes which do not have proper infrastructure, have excellent faculty and have achieved good results. He shared his experiences as a student at IIT Madras. Today’s corporate world requires engineers with good fundamentals and students with fundamental will have a long career in their life. Students should do every work by themselves starting from designing to producing the product. They should be made to think out of the box to create wonders in the field of engineering.

Shri Nalla Malla Reddy, Secretary Nalla Malla Reddy Educational Society has felicitated Shri VenuGopalan with a symbol of remembrance.

Mr. Nalla Nishant, Vice Principal, NMREC, has thanked the chief guest, dignitaries, faculty and students and the staff for participating in this 5th IIRM Meet.

Afternoon :( Panel Discussion)
Panel – I:

In Panel –I, the industry dignitaries from reputed organizations like L&T, TCS, COO & Logic Solutions, Covergys, KPRIT, CoignEdu &IT Services, NIIT, CMC, DRK Group, Deloittee, Capegemini, SAP Consultant IBM, and Times pro have participated. The proceeding of the discussions is given below.

Ms. Sridevi, representing Times Pro, starting the discussion said, students are not conscious about what they aspire for and are concentrating on pay package but not on what they have in them. In Present day, they are required to improve their aptitude and communication skills to shine in the chosen discipline.

Mr. Naveen kumar, CEO, CoignEdu & IT Services, has suggested the institute to start faculty development programs. As technology is changing year by year, it is necessary that first, faculty are imparted training in new technology so that, he inurn transmits to the students effectively. He also suggested, implementing practical learning methodologies for producing quality engineers. Finally he said that marks should also be given to Internships being undertaken by students in reputed organizations. This step may create seriousness and interest in them to learn practically while working.

Mr.GRK Rao, TPO, DRK Group, has expressed his opinion that, technical institutes are focusing on curriculum, not on Domain knowledge and skills. Curriculum should be framed keeping in view the requirement of the Industry. Institutes should have frequent interactions with the industry.

Mr.Subramanya Sastry, COO & Logic Solutions, said institutes should identify the organizations which are ready to work with them. This will help them in getting internships and live projects where student can lean more while working. Institutes should also focus on signing MOU with reputed organizations.

Mr. Pavan Krishna Kinnera, CMC, said, lack of fundamentals and clear goal in students is making them unemployed. They should be first made aware of importance of engineering fundamentals and clear goal in their life. They should be given practical training in 3rd and 4th year. The basic problem of today’s engineers is the lack of effective communication skills. So institutes should take serious note of this and put efforts to nurture their communication skills.

Mr. Pankaj, Deloittee, said, students should be dynamic in learning new skills to cope up with changing technology. To take up challenging task in any organization, a student must have good interpersonal, teaming and presentation skills. Technical institutes should put efforts in developing these skills in them by conducting co-curricular activities.

Mr.T.V.Subramanyam, SAP Consultant IBM, stressed for motivating students to undertake real time projects at application level starting from scratch. This will help in gaining multi temperature knowledge.

Mr. Kishore, Capgemini and Ms.Saritha, NIIT, said, institutes should initiate institute-industry manifestation. Executing the plan is vital for bringing any change in the system. Institutes should also focus on improving writing and presentation skills of the students.

In Panel –II, the industry dignitaries from reputed organizations like IIIT, ECIL, DRDL, NIMSME, Cadd Centre, RCall Technologies, Schwingstetter, Phonix Technologies, Zin Tech System Pvt Ltd, Phonix Construction Technologies and NSIC have participated. The proceeding of the discussions is given below.

Mr. T.V.Devi Prasad, Head Placements, IIIT, said, for our National Development interaction between institute and industry is must and institutes are not running on par with industry. Institutes should frequently interact with corporate, which will help them in turning heterogeneous groups into homogeneous groups. He suggested to create a value added education cell and professional chapters in the institute.

Ms.Vinutha, TPO, VWEC, starting the discussion said, faculty should play a dominant role in imparting lessons to students. Faculty should be encouraged to do research work and should be open to higher levels of learning. This paves a way for providing quality education to the students.

Mr. Shyamsundar, Schwingstetter, said, selling skills of the students are very low. Uniqueness of a student is important in mastering the subject and getting employment. Students should try to develop uniqueness in them in improving their selling skills. Group learning should be initiated to create interest in students.

Mr. udayshankar, Director, NIMSME, suggested the institute to encourage entrepreneurship. It should also encourage them to create new products. Student with novel product ideas should be helped with proper guidance in terms of availability of funds, and management skills. He stressed that in India a novel idea can be promoted through venture capital and credit guarantee fund without collateral. Students are also trained by Government of India through NIMSME free of cost.

Dr. Karthikeyan, Scientist, DRDL, suggested the institute to have partnerships and collaboration’s with the industry for delivering quality education in India. He advised to give more importance to core engineering subjects. He also stressed for building brand image of the institution which will pay important role in placing the students in reputed organizations.

Mr.K Vishwa kumar, Senior DGM, ECIL, has appreciated the excellent quality of labs and efficient technicians in NMREC. He said, students should work anywhere in India and should also accept jobs with minimum pay initially.

Mr. T M Rao, Retd. Air commander, Y.Nageshwar GM, RCall Technologies, and Rajasekhar RCall Technologies, speaking on the occasion said, students should be clear about their goals and institute should take up responsibility in building positive attitude in the students.

Mr. Narsing Rao, Phonix Technologies, said, students should update every day what is happening in the field of technology and try to be thorough in basic engineering fundamentals.

Mr.Somashekar, Chief Manager, NSIC, said institutes should develop money making skills in students and encourage them to start enterprise for our industrial development and employment generation in the country..