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Extra Curricular Activities

Cultural and Literary activities boost up the energy levels and activate the students.

At NMREC we have an annual cultural fest with all the competetions which culminates in the Annual Day SAMISHTHI.

Samishthi means united efforts. The Annual event is a united effort of all the students and staff who come together to plan and execute a variety of events and programs for the Annual Day.

Apart from the cultural fest a Technical fest TECHFEST is also conducted annually. This fest is a combination of six different programs from various branches in the college.

CSE and IT Departments together conduct 'Medhas'

ECE Department conducts 'Cihan'.

EEE Department organises 'Yatna'

Mechanical Engineering Department conducts 'Sambhavaat'

'Shodhana' is conducted by Department of Management Studies

The first year students have a special program 'Ganith Vignan'

The events are planned and conducted by the students of the respective branch. The events consist of paper, poster and project presentations, technical contests, workshops, and many more.