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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Students

The students of EEE actively participate in various activities like paper presentation, projects during final year and delivering seminar lectures. The students have completed very good projects which reflect the present day trends and needs.
The following are few examples of the projects.
 “Foot Power Generation using E-Waste”
Lots of electronic components are thrown as wastage when some of unserviceable computer peripherals, scanners, printers etc are thrown as wastage. The project aims at producing Electrical power assembling some of the waste components in to a working model shown in the picture. This unit is fitted below the pathway of small corridors where pedestrians walk. The energy of footsteps activates spring placed under platform and produce electricity through some of E-Waste motors. During the daytime the power is stored in the battery and utilized in the time for corridor lighting.
The project is done by Ms.K.Vindhya, Mr.K.Rochis Babu, Ms.G.Sriharshini & Ch.Pramod. The project was guided by Prof.K.Raghu Ram/HOD-EEE.
Project 1
Project 2

“A Hybrid wind solar Energy system; Rectifier stage topology”
This project is based on utilization of Non Conventional Energy resources of Wind and Solar in remote areas to produce Electrical Power. These two sources are connected to backup power.
This project presents a new system configuration of the front-end rectifier stage for a hybrid wind/photovoltaic energy system. This configuration allows the two sources to supply the load separately or simultaneously depending on the availability of the energy sources i.e. wind and solar.
A Prototype model of the project is presented below.
The project is done by Ms.D.A.Amrutha, Ms.P.Sisiraja & V.Bhavani under the guidance of Prof K.Raghu Ram, HOD/EEE

Project 3
Project 4


“Solar tracking system in all directions”
Recently our state is experiencing severe power crisis. The availability of Thermal power is inadequate for our needs. Due to non availability of enough Hydro power, we are experiencing severe power crisis.
In order to overcome the difficulty we have to look at alternatives from Non conventional energy resources like Solar, wind etc. As the direction of Sun changes during the day, the erection of a Solar panel in single direction gives less efficiency as the angle of incidence of solar radiation varies throughout the day, resulting in less efficiency. In order to maximize the utility of solar power, a solar tracking system is needed which tracks sun and maximizes solar radiation input to the solar panel.
A prototype model of dual axis solar tracking was made with LDRs and independent drive motors repositioning the solar panel perpendicular to solar radiation. The model is shown in the picture.
The project is done by Ms. Divya sree and Mr. Setty Rakesh under the guidance of Prof. K. Raghu Ram/HOD-EEE.

Project 5