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Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
☞  Online Workshop on Data Structures from 15th July to 10th August, 2020 Organized By Department of CSE      ☞  Online Workshop on Project Design Approaches from 13th July to 1st August, 2020 Organized By Department of CSE      ☞  Online Workshop on Python Programming from 13th July to 1st August, 2020 Organized By Department of CSE      ☞  Online Workshop on R-Programming from 13th July to 1st August, 2020 Organized By Department of CSE       ☞  Projects Schedule for Final Review A.Y 2019-20      ☞ A Two weeks AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Program on “Emerging Threats and Counter Measures in Information Security” was conducted from 10th to 22nd February 2020       ☞ A Bootcamp on Blockchain Technology Organized by IEEE NMREC Student Branch is conducted from 27thto 29th February 2020.


The department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2001 with an intake of 60 students and increased to 180 in the year 2018. The Department has been maintaining high standards in imparting quality education in Computer Science. Highly experienced and dedicated faculty members with minimum M.E / M.Tech qualification impart quality training to students, with emphasis on the fundamentals and intricacies of the subjects concerned and subsequently applying them to solve problems.


To create a conducive environment for quality academic and research oriented undergraduate and postgraduate education in computer science and engineering which prepares globally competent graduates with an orientation to serve/solve societal and/or industrial problem.


  • ☛  To prepare and train students with core competencies in computer science fundamentals for enabling them to give innovative solutions to complex problems
  • ☛  To inculcate professionalism among the students by providing technical and soft skills with ethical standards.
  • ☛  To provide students with unique opportunities to experience interdisciplinary teamwork thus promoting collaborative learning and spirit of teamwork
  • ☛  To inculcate a research orientation, and to make them aspire for higher studies and/or to become an entrepreneur.


  • ☛  The Graduates of Computer Science and Engineering program are expected to attain or achieve the following Program Educational Objectives within a few years of graduation:
  • ☛  To excel in their chosen profession and/or progress towards an advanced higher degree
  • ☛  The trust and respect of others as effective and ethical team members.
  • ☛  A reputation as a source of innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • ☛  Exhibit leadership skills in an organization and/or in teams.

B.Tech (CSE)

The department was established in the year 2001 with an intake of 60 and increased to 180 in the year 2018. Since its inception, the department has progressed with a vision and a strong commitment to developing competent programmers with uncompromising standards of excellence in the training, both classroom sessions and hands on sessions, given to students. CSE department has earned a name as an innovative one and has contributed to the growth of the college with a number of unique offerings (Open Source software) amongst students, regular exposure to industrial talks, which help students to get abreast with the latest trends in IT. Advanced technologies such as Cloud computing, Remote Infrastructure Management, Mobile application development, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence are being introduced so that students are kept up-to-date.


First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
☛  1-1 CSE R18 Syllabus
☛  1-2 CSE R18 Syllabus
☛  2-1 CSE R18 Syllabus
☛  2-2 CSE R18 Syllabus
☛  3-1 CSE R18 Syllabus
☛  3-2 CSE R18 Syllabus
☛  4-1 CSE R16 Syllabus
☛  4-2 CSE R16 Syllabus

M.Tech (CNIS)

The M.Tech programme in Computer Network and Information Security (CNIS) is a Master's programme offered to students who are interested in advanced learning and research in computer security. The programme exposes students to a wide range if courses combined with specialized research which culminates in publications and dissertations. Further,it provides the students the breadth and depth necessary for pursuing careers in academics and in industries .The M.Tech(CNIS) curriculum includes state-of-art courses that have high standards, great appeal and inspiring content.


First Year Second Year
☛  1-1 CNIS R17 Syllabus
☛  1-2 CNIS R17 Syllabus
☛  2-1 CNIS R17 Syllabus
☛  2-2 CNIS R17 Syllabus

Department Faculty


S. No Lab No. Year & Semester Lab Name Incharge Lab Experiments
1 4F-4 B.Tech I-II Computer Programming In C Lab Computer Programming In C Lab
2 B.Tech II - I Analog and Digital Electronics Lab Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
3 3F-30C B.Tech II - I C++ Programming Lab C++ Programming Lab
4 3F-30B B.Tech II - I Data Structures Lab Data Structures Lab
5 4F-30E B.Tech II - I IT Workshop Lab IT Workshop Lab
6 3F-30C B.Tech II - II Database Management Systems Lab Database Management Systems Lab
7 3F-30B B.Tech II - II Java Programming Lab Java Programming Lab
8 3F-30E B.Tech II - II Operating Systems Lab Operating Systems Lab
9 3F-30A B.Tech III - I Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Lab Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Lab
10 3F-30F B.Tech III - I Computer Networks Lab Computer Networks Lab
11 3F-14 B.Tech III - I Software Engineering Lab Software Engineering Lab
12 3F-30D B.Tech III - II Cryptography And Network Security Lab Cryptography And Network Security Lab
13 3F-30A B.Tech III - II Web Technologies Lab Web Technologies Lab
14 3F-4 B.Tech III - II Advanced English Communication Skills Lab Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
15 4F-30C B.Tech IV - I Python Programming Lab Python Programming Lab
16 3F-30E B.Tech IV - I Data Mining Lab Data Mining Lab
17 3F-15 M.Tech IV - I Algorithms And Information Security Lab Algorithms And Information Security Lab
18 3F-15E M.Tech IV - II Network Programming Lab Network Programming Lab
19 4F-30A B.Tech(I - IV), M.Tech (I & II) Internet Lab Internet Lab
20 4F-30B B.Tech(I - IV) Online Examination Lab Online Examination Lab
21 B.Tech(I - IV) IOT Lab IOT Lab
22 B.Tech(I - IV) Research Lab Research Lab

Research @ CSE

Research in the department of Computer Science and Engineering includes work in Community development, design and experimental areas by industry. The CSE department is actively involved in projects related to web application development, IOT, big data, wireless networks, data mining and Mobile computing, and information security. Computer Science and Engineering faculty have expertise in Information Security, Cryptography, Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Web Application Development, Wireless Networking, Image Processing, Cloud Computing, IOT and Bigdata Applications.


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☛ Dr.R.Dinesh Kumar,Anti-Suffocation in Vehicles:Electronic Message Alert,Second International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology(ICRIEAT-2017) at Aurora's Scientific,Technological and Research Academy,Hyderabad .21st &22nd December 2017
☛  A Prototype Analysis of Machine Learning Methodologies for Sentiment Analysis of Social Networks published in IJET (UAE) May-2018.ISSN:2227-524X,pg-963-967.
☛ Divya Nalla, Sneha Nalla, Comparison of income of the farmer from commercial crops grown in green houses, modern farms and seasonal farms during 2015-16 , Conference on Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness held at Oxford University on January 29th, 2017.
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☛ V.Mohan, B.K.Madhavi ,Dr.Vila M Ghodki, An Enhanced Genetic Algorithm based Intrusion Detection System for Detection of Denial-of-Service Attacks,International Journal of Computer Science Trends and Technology(IJCST), ISSN : 2347-8578 & ISO 3297:2007.Vol 4 Issue 5,Sep - Oct 2016

A.Y - 2019-20

A Bootcamp on Blockchain Technolgy Organized by IEEE NMREC Student Brach on 27th to 29th February 2020.


Department of Computer Science & Engineering of NALLA MALLA REDDY ENGINEERING COLLEGE organised a two-week faculty development program sponsored by AICTE on “Emerging Threats and Counter Measures in Information Security”. The program was inaugurated with the traditional lamp lightening ceremony at the hands of the Chief Guest, Dr. C. Radhakrishna, Professor Emeritus and IQAC member, in the gracious presence of Dr. Divya Nalla, Director NMREC and convenor of the FDP, Dr. M.N.V. Ramesh, Principal NMREC, Mrs. B. K. Madhavi, Head CSE and coordinator of the FDP and Heads of various Departments along with the participants.
The FDP was conducted for two weeks, from 10th February to 22nd February. The aim of this faculty development program was to train faculty in topics related to Information Security and its Emerging Threats and Counter Measures.
There were several interesting sessions. The topics spanned from BlockChain Technology, Cryptography basics, hands- on sessions on ethical hacking , Case Studies. Recourse person Mr. Raghu Raman from Emurgo Technologies, Bengaluru in his keynote spoke about the emerging trends in “Blockchain Technology”. Participants gained knowledge about overview of Information security from expert Dr. Wilson Naik, Professor, School of Computer and Information sciences, Central University of Hyderabad in another session. “Cryptography and Cryptanlysis” were concepts explained by Dr Venkaiah, Professor, School of Computer and Information Sciences Central University of Hyderabad . Another expert Dr Vijendar Reddy, Scientist-SE , ADRIN, Advanced Data Processing Research Institute spoke about “Network Security: Case Study”. Participants got to learn many tools and technologies through hands-on Session on Hacking Basics, Mobile Security, Trojans, Bruteforce, Password Cracking, SQL Injection, Pentesting and Cross site attacks and many more conducted by Mr Sai Sateesh, CEO, Indian Servers. There was an interesting session on “Open Source Intelligence” by Mr. I L Narasimha Rao, Senior Project Manager, Cyber Peace Foundation  Hyderabad .
Total 68 participants from various college of Telangana and other states have registered for the program.
Certificates were given to the 68 participants based on their performance in the lab, theory and attendance in the session. Valedictory function of the FDP held on Feb 22, 2020.

A.Y - 2018-19

CSE II years have welcomed CSE I years by throwing a Fresher's party on 22nd August 2018. Dr. Divya Nalla, Principal, Ms. B. K. Madhavi, Head of the Department and faculty members have graced the event. The event started with Head addressing the gathering and was followed by motivational talks few senior faculty members. Students planned some fun activities and cultural programs. The event concluded with good interaction between juniors and seniors.

SWECHA was founded in 2005 as an organization. SWECHA aims at providing global software solutions to the local people with the Free Software development model by working together with the community of developers and users all over. The prime objective of SWECHA is to provide a complete computing solution. A 2-hours talk was organized by SWECHA on the topic “Free Software and Technology Trends” for 1 st years conducted on 16 th August 2018 by Mr. K. Bharath Kumar, Freelancer.

A hands-on training on “Google Classroom” was conducted by Ms. B.K. Madhavi, Assoc. Prof. and Head, assisted by Ms. R. Vijetha, Asst. Prof. for all faculty of CSE Dept. on 13th August 2018. In this training, the benefits of Google Classroom was demonstrated. Setting up of classes, inviting students, creating and posting assignments, sharing of course materials was taught through hands-on session to all the faculty.

Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology in order to solve analytically complex problems. A talk on “Data Science and Career Opportunities” was conducted on 20th July 2018 for final year students by Mr. Mohd. Omer Khan, CEO and Founder, INSTA9, Hyderabad. The speaker focused on the importance of learning this course and highlighted the various job opportunities available in this domain such as, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect and Data Analyst.

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