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Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College CIVIL ENGINEERING


Civil Engineering is one of the classic branches in engineering and one of the prominent ones in daily life.

The department has started with B.Tech in Civil Engineering in the year 2012.


The Vision of Civil Engineering department is to prepare students for entry into the civil engineering profession, who will design and maintain sustainably built and natural environments, or to pursue post graduate-level studies.


➣ To provide students with the principles and methodologies needed for civil engineering practice and prepare students for leadership roles in Civil Engineering.
➣ The department will provide facilities and research expertise involving the entire civil engineering faculty, departmental advisory committee and alumni to advance the state of the Civil Engineering profession which helps the under Graduates to APPLY their solid foundation for the pursuit of advanced learning and for the practice of Civil Engineering at the highest professional levels.
➣ Undergraduates will PERFORM technical analysis or design of a complex systems, with high technical and ethical standards, as acting representatives of governmental agencies, private consulting engineering firms, research organizations or industry and in service to the public
➣ Undergraduates are prepared to EXPLAIN engineering concepts accurately and effectively to inform technical and non-technical audiences using appropriate verbal, written, virtual and graphical means.
➣ Students are prepared to ENGAGE in lifelong learning to foster technical growth, ethical conduct, and the practice of professional communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
➣ After a requisite number of years of practice, Graduates will be able to OBTAIN licensure in civil profession.
➣ This process involves the entire Civil Engineering faculty, Department's Civil Engineering Advisory Committee and alumni.


Undergraduates in the Civil Engineering programs are expected to achieve the following Learning Outcomes⁄ Objectives relate to the knowledge, skills, and behaviors which a civil engineering professional demonstrate as they move through their careers as engineers and as a member of society. These learning outcomes are used in both evaluating students and the department's undergraduate programs.
➣Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to :
Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
Design a system, component, conduct experiments and analyze and interpret the data to meet desired needs.
Communicate effectively; demonstrate professionalism, ethics, responsibility and the ability to work on multi-disciplinary teams.
Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.
Recognize the need for and engage in life-long learning, gain knowledge of contemporary issues, apply the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
Acquire the background for admission to engineering or other professional graduate programs.
•Be qualified to pursue professional licensure for civil engineering practice.


B.Tech - Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is professional Engineering discipline that deals with economic development of a nation. It includes works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipelines and railways.


First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
☛  1-1 CIVIL R18 Syllabus
☛  1-2 CIVIL R18 Syllabus
☛  2-1 CIVIL R16 Syllabus
☛  2-2 CIVIL R16 Syllabus
☛  3-1 CIVIL R16 Syllabus
☛  3-2 CIVIL R16 Syllabus
☛  4-1 CIVIL R15 Syllabus
☛  4-2 CIVIL R15 Syllabus

Department of Civil Engineering : Faculty


☛ Strength of Materials Lab

☛ Computer Aided Design-I lab

☛ Surveying Lab

☛ Engineering Geology lab

☛ Concrete Technology Lab

☛ Geographical information Systems Lab

☛ Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab

☛ Soil Mechanics Lab

☛ Computer Aided Design-II Lab

☛ Concrete and Highway Materials Lab

☛ Environmental Engineering Lab


Research under way in Civil Engineering includes, work in analytical, design and experimental areas sponsored by industry, state, and government organisations. The Department's active research program provides opportunities for students to participate in projects related to design, analysis, and testing. Civil Engineering faculty has expertise in environmental-engineering, Geotechnical engineering, hydrology and water-resources engineering, and structural engineering. These areas also serve as topic areas for course work and are the basis for degree graduation and for PhD thesis requirements.

Research Groups and their Activites by Area of Research

Structural Engineering
1. Mr. Kashinath S Patil
2. Mr. K.Srinivas
3. Mr. A.Vishal
4. Ms. Shruthi .L
Environmental Engineering
1. Mr. K. Ganesh Kumar
Environmental Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering, it deals with waste water management, air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, animal agriculture, environmental sustainability, public health and environmental engineering law.
Transportation Engineering
1. Mr. Surendranath
2. Mr. Y.Shiva Kumar Reddy
1. Dr. Y. Sudhakar Reddy
Geotechnical Engineering
1. Mr. Y. Srinivas
It deals with the engineering properties of soils and foundation principles and practices. It includes research and consultancy related to Geotechnical investigations for highways, landslides and Ground improvement etc.


It is proposed to carry out the research programs in the following thrust areas in coming future.
(a) Recycled Aggregate Concrete
(b) Earthquake Engineering
(c) Environmental pollution studies
(d) Remote Sensing & GIS
(e) Fibre reinforced concrete
(f) Stabilization of Sub-Grade soil

To carry out the research programs in the above thrust areas, expertise and the minimum equipment required is available in the labs. In future we are planning to add some of the sophisticated equipment to our labs to continue the advanced research programs.


For information on research contributions and expertise of the department,

☛  please click here

☛  Dr.Divya Nalla, Mr. A. Vishal, Mr. Surendranath and Mr. Praveen Kumar(2017), Step by Step Guidelines for improving industry institute interaction in Fifth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE) 2018 organized by Thaigarajar College of Engineering, Madhurai in association with Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) on 08th and 9th January 2018
☛  E. Ramesh and Ranga Swamy (2018), A Review on Soil Stabilization using Admixtures, in International Conference on Innovations in Science and Technology in Civil Engineering held at Malla Reddy Institute of Technology on 19th and 20th January, 2018
☛  Ranga Swamy and Raja Madhukar Vishnu(2015), Performance of plan Irregularity building using Response spectra analysis, in International conference on Innovations in Structural Engineering held at Osmania University, Hyderabad on Dec 14-16th 2015
☛  Ms. Sruthi T, Rajashekar.P and Shashikanth.K(2015), Impact of Climate Change on Stream Flows in Manair Basin Using SWAT Model in International conference on Innovations in Structural Engineering held at Osmania University, Hyderabad on Dec 14-16th 2015


1. Mr. Rahul Reddy, CEO, Reliable Environmental Services, Hyderabad, addressed the final year Civil engineering students on 21 July 2017 about Irrigation projects and waste management.
2. Mr. A. Sai Sohail, Alumni (2016-17), gave a brief lecture about Innovations and startups on 05 August 2017 to Final year students.
3. Mr. Kalyan, Alumni (2015-16), gave a brief lecture about Road to USA on 11 August 2017 to Final year students.
4. Canter Cadd Team, Hyderabad, demonstrated Civil Engineering Software ╶ Auto Cadd, Staad Pro., and Revit Architecture to 2nd Year and 3rd year students on 24 August 2017.
5. Mr. L.V.A. Shesa Sai, Retd. Prof. Osmania University, gave a lecture on Selection of Final Year Project Titles on 26th October 2017 to 3rd year and Final Year Students.

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