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Department of Computer Science and Engineering : Publications

Faculty Publications

  • Mr.V.Mani Sarma published a paper on "Data warehouse Design Problem through a Schema Transformation Approach" at IJEIT (ISSN: 2277-3754, VOLUME 2, Issue 6 , PP 113-117.) in Dec 2012
  • Mr. V.Mani Sarma published a paper on "A Multidimensional Model for Automatic Schema Generation process by Integrating OLAP with Data Mining Systems." at IJICT(ISSN:0974-2239 Volume 2 Issue 1 PP.27-36.) in Nov 2012
  • Mr K Yohan presented a paper at 1st national conference (ETE&T) on "Research Issues in Data Stream Association Rule Mining" at Vaageswari Engineering College in 04 Mar 2013.
  • Ms. Y. Durga Bhargavi Presented a paper at ICECIT 2012 on "The Development of an Algorithm for Fingerprint Recognition by image Processing techniques and considering Type of Minutiae Points" during Dec 21st - 23rd 2012.
  • Mrs. G.Meenashi Asst Prof of CSE Dept published a research paper on the topic “Multi source Feedback based performance Appraisal System using Fuzzy Logic Decision Support System” in International Journal on Soft Computing (IJSC) Vol 3 No 1, Feb 2012.
  • Mr.V.Mani Sharma, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE published a research paper on the topic “Multidimensional Model for Automatic Schema generation process by integrating OLAD with Data Mining System” in International Journal of Information Computing Technology, Jan 2012.