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Center for Faculty Development and Management

Workshops for summer 2013:

* Department of ECE is conducting a workshop for the faculty from 3rd June to 8th June 2013

* Department of CSE, MCA, and IT are together conducting a workshop on "Software Engineering" from 3rd June to 8th June 2013

* A workshop on 'Mathematics for Engineers' is being conducted for faculty from Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Departments in the last week of June 2013

A series of workshops are being planned in all the departments on 'Assessment of Outcomes' in May-June 2013

Workshops Conducted by CFDM in the academic year 2012-13:

* Workshop on 'Assessment of Outcomes' by Dr.Uma Garimella

* As a new initiative in the process of quality improvement, faculty seminars are being conducted regularly on alternate Saturdays by the CFDM.

  • Mrs.A Ushasree, and Mr.Ravimohan, Assistant Professors in the Department of ECE, delivered the first lecture in the series on “Metrics and Methodology for assessing Engineering Instruction” on 5th January 2013. The session was followed by a talk by Mr.Bhanoji Rao, Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department who spoke about “Higher Education Permanent Indices”.
  • The next in this series was given on 19th January 2013 by Dr.V.V.Subbarao, Professor in the Dept .of Management Studies on “Student-Centric versus teacher-centric learning”
  • Mrs.Uma Devi, Asst.Prof, Dept. of Management Studies spoke about “ The role of a teacher in quality education” on 2nd February 2013. The same day Mr.Venkatesam of ECE Department delivered a talk on “Positive approach in teaching”
  • Prof.I.Sudhakar of ECE Department shared his experiences in Engineering Colleges on 16th February 2013.
  • A lecture on “The Many Faces of Inductive Teaching and Learning” was delivered by Mr.V.Vijay Kumar on 16th Feb 2013.
  • On 30th March 2013, Mr.P.V.S.Sivaprasad, Head of the CSE Department, presented a talk on his PhD research work.

    * Faculty members of NMREC have undergone training for a week to improve Basic Teaching skills, class Room Management, and Effective Explanation in the Class, Innovative Teaching Strategies, Mentoring skills and other related methods, conducted by Dr. Uma, Director CFDM.

    * Workshop on Memory Development' for the faculty of NMREC by Urjita Deshpande, Psychological Counsellor on 29th August 2012

    * Subject-wise Mentoring for UG Projects Guidance in July 2012 by Dr.C.M.Varaprasad and Dr.Uma Garimella for all faculty in July 2012


    Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) conducted in 2011-12

    Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) conducted in 2010-11