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Alumni Speak

My passion to see the world was fostered at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College. The talks with my professor made me realize that everything is connected. To be a part of the college that endeavors in planting the seeds that will translate into a more peaceful environment is something that NMRian will cherish.

V Shantan, ME (2011)
Design Engineer, Hyundai

There is a great transition from College to the Corporate World, but the kind of discipline at NMREC towards the punctuality, regularity and promptness for the given task and even the dress code helped us to be a professional, developing a good affiliation at the work place and to build the firm foundation with a great confidence for a career. The special campus life at NMREC made us to easily get adapted to the professional work culture.

Tejaswini Gummadavelli, ECE (2011)
Programmer- Testing Competency, Alliance Global Services

 I am proud to be an NMRian. I don’t know what the life was and how to live a life in a systematic and dignified way, then the college i.e. “Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College” opened the new doors to my life where college showed me many routes to choose but the correct path was guided by my lecturers where each and every moment they used to guide us and tell every time the way to success. In terms, college chairman helped in every aspect not only in studies but also in sports he used to show a goal to us and used to tell what and why goals are to be achieved and how to achieve them. My college made me stand on my own legs and my heartfelt thanks to my chairman and to all my professors to make me stand and face the brightening world, achieve more goals and success in my life.

Naveen Jaiswal Singh.R, ME (2011),
Design Engineer, Hyundai

NMREC is well known for its rules and regulations, where, by following them one can succeed in academics as well as disciplinary activities.

B.Aditya Prapul Teja, IT (2011)

I have learnt many things related to human tendencies, attitudes and other social relations, the experiences, which would help me to have success life long. According to me my college life is mainly my friends, faculty and people I have met during my four years.

B.Sai Chaitanya, CSE (2011)

Starting of my college days I felt nervous because I have come from Telugu medium but it was my friends who encouraged and supported me. I am happy as I learnt under the two great persons Mr.G.V.RAO and Dr P.MOHANDAS who are equal to scientists and retired from DRDL. Each and every faculty and friends and their support, advice during my engineering days which further helped me to learn and apply in building my career. We thank to our college chairperson who gave lot of encouragement at each and every moment and providing the basic things in college, especially sports which we used to enjoy. We conducted some events like Addicta, Stalls and Sambhavath. I feel great and thankful to the institution and it’s my privilege to speak about my college.

R Srinivas, ME (2011)
Design Engineer, Infotech Enterprises

NMREC is having good infrastructure and sports activities.

S.Anil Kumar, IT (2011)

Without education, there is no independence because you have cornered yourself into a hole, and will never be able to do what you want to do. Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College exceeds expectations… Its passion to Learning, Service and Involvement, Creativity and Innovation, Academic Excellence, Dignity and Respect, Integrity makes it a standout performer.

T V R Apparao, ME (2011)
Trainee Engineer, ATLAS COPCO

It is their path of reality which was laid for us. I substantiate my claim of success to my professors.

N T Rajender Prasad, ME, Design Engineer, Hyundai (R&D) (2011)

Our college has good infrastructure, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and one of the most important aspects is discipline along with good lab facilities and well experienced staff.

Navdeep Singh Tonk (2011)

I am happy to be a part of one of the most renowned engineering colleges in Hyderabad. I am very much
satisfied with staff and laboratories provided by college. The way of teaching and learning is tremendous where the subjects were taught practically making the things learn easily. The rules and regulations learnt in the college will be helpful to us in personal as well as professional life. Joining this college I made good friends and I hope and wish the college will encourage the innovative ideas of students by facilitating necessary things and seeking the voices of staff and students for better education and making the college to be an icon. Many more industrial visits would enhance the career of the students to probe confidently into this competitive world. Last but not the least, I thank all my teachers for
being cooperative in completion of our academics and project successfully.

Kartik Naragoni, ME (2011)

NMREC has good faculty and the entire infrastructure equipped with lab facilities.

Vikram, ECE (2011)

NMREC made us professionals and also fit for Industry.

S.Srikant, CSE

It’s my great pleasure and privilege to give a review about the institution. I would like to share two
important aspects of the institution: Discipline, Proper dressing and time maintenance. Being a part of an international company (J.V.Roulments International Pvt. Ltd) that demands a high degree of discipline and professionalism; Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College has gifted it to me and I stand successful. It is not only the knowledge or high marks that is needed but also the discipline and the personal communication that is sought after by the company.

Rentu Philipose, ME (2011), J.V. Roulments International Pvt. Ltd.

My College is a place where young minds blossom. It is a place where the students comes out with flying colours. It stands for discipline and lots of opportunities in both academics, sports and extra curricular activities. It has a good infrastructure, good play grounds and above all excellent management which always backs the students in their all-around development. I believe strongly that my college (NMREC) will become
N - Nations
M - Most
R - Reputed
E - Education
C - Campus.

— T. Akhilesh Reddy, ECE (2010)

I am really glad to share my college experiences as an NMRIAN. The first sight of college is discipline which I like most and it deserves that honor. I was recruited by HCL. For good education, we need good infrastructure and good environment which my college has. The college plays an important role in moulding a student's career. The college gives us certain guidelines and opportunities which really help to meet students career needs. The faculty in the college is well qualified and well experienced, they really put commendable efforts to develop student's career. They motivate the students to put forward
something new. I was very much benefited studying in this institution and whatever I am it is only because of my college. I feel really proud and honored to be a part of this complete institution.

— Nikitha, CSE (2010)

Life at NMREC is quite interesting. The past four years of my life have been the best one I ever had. The first thing we notice in our college is discipline. I was recruited by IBM in our campus placement only because of the support extended by our college. Talking about the college’s infrastructure, our college is the best among others. We have well equipped and sophisticated laboratories. Our college is well known for sports and technical fests. Everyone has that special hangout at college, for me that special place is library. It consists of huge collection of books. The kind of support and cooperation I got from the entire faculty members at every stage has helped me develop my personality. Looking back I'm better than what I was, when I started.

– Shilpa, CSE (2010)

The logo of our college inspired me to look out What, Why and How in every walk of my life to ensure success I hope this philosophy is useful in getting good result in NET / JRF which I am going to attempt this year.

— Sujith Yadav, MBA (2010)

The upbringing of students and strategies adopted by management would go in a long way for the benefit factor of the students to obtain a job in Kantar Operations.

— N.Savita, MBA(2010)

The various event organized in our college has instilled  confidence in me to become a performance manager in Stellen Solutions

— Vidya Sunitha, MBA(2010)

The college has encouraged me to inculcated good habits and discipline ultimately, it has led to become good officer in Gayatri Co-operative Urban Bank

— P. Mounika, MBA(2010)

I am very happy for the education that I received here and I am independent to shape my future. I am willing to maintain a databank through networks.

Mr. Ram Kumar, MBA 2007 – 09,
Marketing Specialist, Zeta Interactive India Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Two years of P.G. life at NMREC helped me to spend fine time, my overall personality has changed and made me more effective. I still remember the incident where in I couldn’t answer the question in English at the beginning of the course. This compelled me to learn English and today I am standing in front of you all with ut most confidence.
I want to extend my help to my fellow juniors in future.

T. Siddu MBA (2007-09), 24/7 Pvt. Ltd
(Social Media Advisor)

I thank all the members of this college for encouraging me during 2 years of my P.G. course. I want to extend help to my juniors in future for their placements.

B. Narsing Rao MBA (2007-09),